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21-01 Dal mondo


21-01 Dal mondo

Golfo e Taiwan: stesso mare, stesse turbolenze, stessi pericoli di guerra

Tra Iran e Pakistan, attacchi reciproci e alta tensione

Ecco cause e conseguenze del conflitto con gli Houthi nel mar Rosso

Che cosa farà l’Ue nel Mar Rosso?

Le mosse di Putin in Africa

Frontex: nel 2023 record di arrivi di migranti illegali in Europa

La Cina vuole contare di più in Tunisia

Economia – Ambiente

Mar Rosso, i costi della crisi: cinque grafici per capire

L’Economist racconta la surreale economia della Russia

Davos. Cosa ha chiesto Zelensky

L’economia tedesca ha il fiatone

Davos: chi partecipa, di cosa si parla


Steadfast Defender è la più grande esercitazione NATO dalla Guerra Fredda

–🇬🇧Shipping oil through troubled waters

–🇬🇧Why global commerce is now in the crossfire

–🇬🇧Perilous Waters: Why De-Escalation in the Red Sea Is Not in Sight

–🇬🇧Iran Does Have the Power to Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier

–🇬🇧U.S. Strikes More Houthi Missile Sites in Yemen

–🇬🇧Will the Houthis Target U.S. Troops in Djibouti Next?

–🇬🇧Putin Might Decide to Attack NATO and Invade the Baltics

–🇬🇧The Battle for Aid To Ukraine Is Just Getting Started

–🇬🇧Russia’s Sierra II-Class Submarine Is Something the U.S. Navy Can’t Match

–🇬🇧USS Carl Vinson: The Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier Built to Strike Anything

–🇬🇧Nauru’s diplomatic switch to China – the rising stakes in Pacific geopolitics

–🇬🇧How China’s push to genetically modify more beans could reshape the global agriculture trade

–🇬🇧Muscle and mediation set to continue in the South China Sea

–🇬🇧The Linchpin of Central Asia Looks East

–🇬🇧Turkish navy receives unmanned surface vessel, three crewed ships

–🇬🇧Turkish Navy Strengthens Fleet By Commissioning 4 New Vessels

–🇬🇧Lockheed to test Patriot and Aegis integration in live-fire test

–🇬🇧Estonia kicks off work on semi-autonomous vessel for European navies

–🇬🇧Navy Refining Plan for its $17B Destroyer Electronic Warfare Backfit with 4 Test Ships

–🇬🇧Navy’s new Task Group 59-1 to usher unmanned systems into operational realm

–🇬🇧Report to Congress on Great Power Competition