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01-06 News


01-06 News

–🇬🇧Houthis Claim to Have Attacked U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier

–🇬🇧May Red Sea recap: Navy maintains fight against Houthi attacks

–🇬🇧US, Britain strike Houthi targets in Yemen after surge in attacks

–🇬🇧The end of Ambition

–🇬🇧Oil and National Security: U.S.-Middle East Relations

–🇬🇧What drove Russia’s invader turn?

–🇬🇧Ukraine Is Getting 30 More F-16 Fighter Jets to Battle Russia in the Sky

–🇬🇧How and Why Sudan Represents the Second Front in the Russo-Ukrainian War

–🇬🇧Ukraine’s Perilous Path to EU Membership

–🇬🇧Developing an Economic Security Agenda for NATO

–🇬🇧Former Vice Chief of Naval Operations Robert Burke Arrested by Feds on Bribery Charges

–🇬🇧SECDEF Austin Meets Chinese Defense Minister for First Time, Philippine President Marcos Warns of U.S.-China Conflict Regionally ‘Constraining

–🇬🇧French Navy FREMM Set To Take Part In RIMPAC, Shoot Missile For The First Time

–🇬🇧Rolls Royce MT30 Selected To Power Japan’s ASEV

–🇬🇧France Offers FDI Frigate To Indonesia With Domestic Production Option

–🇬🇧Marcos sets ‘red line’ with Beijing over South China Sea harassment