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01-08-2023 News


01-08-2023 News

–🇬🇧UK Plans to “Max Out” Offshore Oil and Gas Production

–🇬🇧EU’s Top Politician Promises Aid for Philippines’ Maritime Security

–🇬🇧Defeated and Detained, Islamic State Still Poses Extremism Threat

–🇬🇧Blocking China’s Access to AI Chips Matters to U.S. National Security

–🇬🇧Understanding Hamas’s and Hezbollah’s Uses of Information Technology

–🇬🇧Missile threats are more than just theoretical

–🇬🇧Leading The Future Of Space

–🇬🇧‘The Russians were waiting for us’: Ukraine troops describe tougher fight than expected

–🇬🇧China complains to US about ‘dangerous’ weapons aid to Taiwan

–🇬🇧Ukraine and Croatia agree on use of Croatian ports for grain exports

–🇬🇧U.S. Navy And USMC Announce Large Scale Exercise 2023

–🇬🇧Marand And Fairbanks Morse Combine In Components For AUKUS Submarines

–🇬🇧Pandemic Politics: Shaping the Future Global Health Response

–🇬🇧Berlin’s Delicate Balance With Beijing

–🇬🇧Is the Middle East’s Makeover a Mirage?

–🇬🇧America Needs South Africa inside AGOA

–🇬🇧ChatGPT: The Future “Loyal Wingman” of Navy Paperwork?​