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01-09-2023 News


01-09-2023 News

–🇬🇧Gabon’s Bongo Follows the Coup Drum Beat

–🇬🇧The Return of the Global South

–🇬🇧Don’t Work With the Taliban

–🇬🇧World’s First Specialized Explosive Naval Drone Unit Formed In Ukraine

–🇬🇧Aboard the Ike as it ‘teleports’ to the Mediterranean for the Navy’s massive exercise

–🇬🇧Inside the Navy’s largest exercise in command and under pressure

–🇬🇧Implementing strategic deterrence through test

–🇬🇧Saudi Arabia takes command of 2 maritime task forces, months after detente with Iran

–🇬🇧INDOPACOM stands up new directorate to better connect industry DoD innovation efforts

–🇬🇧Overtourism: coastal management key as global traveller numbers return to pre-pandemic levels

–🇬🇧Sustainable tourism management in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: a collective effort

–🇬🇧Reshaping Naval Maintenance And Training With FM OnBoard XR Technology

–🇬🇧Japan Requests Largest Defense Budget Ever

–🇬🇧Video: French Navy’s Air Defense FREMM Lorraine Pacific Deployment

–🇬🇧Bollinger Shipyards Christens Lead US Navy Towing And Salvage Ship

–🇬🇧President Biden Has Banned Some U.S. Investment in China