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02-10-2023 News


02-10-2023 News

–🇬🇧Trauma in the Intelligence Community, Climate Change, Cybersecurity: RAND Weekly Recap

–🇬🇧The troubled waters of Asia and the increasingly volatile East China Sea

–🇬🇧Continuing Resolution Includes Funds for New Columbia-class Submarine

–🇬🇧Greece-US relations: Capitalizing on a generational high – Katerina Sokou

–🇬🇧Biden’s Offshore Plan Upsets Oil Industry and Environmentalists Alike

–🇬🇧The Southern Border Poses Terrorism Risks. Homegrown Threats Still Loom Larger.

–🇬🇧The Great Turn Inward

–🇬🇧Priming the Innovation System

–🇬🇧Dark ‘N’ Stormy

–🇬🇧State of the World: On the verge of fragmentation?

–🇬🇧Turkey says “neutralised” many militants in north Iraq air strikes

–🇬🇧Milley in farewell speech: ‘We don’t take an oath to a wannabe dictator’

–🇬🇧UK MoD Awards SSN-AUKUS Submarine Design Contracts

–🇬🇧For new French Navy Leader, AUKUS strain clearly behind us, partners are key

–🇬🇧Mullen, former Joint Chiefs chairman, to lead board for saildrone unmanned maritime tech firm

–🇬🇧F-35 program finishes years-late tests needed for full production

–🇬🇧Why Multilateralism Still Matters

–🇬🇧BBC World Service “Newsday” Interview on Humanitarian Corridor