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03-08-2023 News


03-08-2023 News

The Economy of the New Global (Dis)Order

The Future of Global Economy: Low Growth, New Normal?

NATO nations beef up security due to Wagner fighters in Belarus

U.S. Navy Orders Nine More Arleigh Burke Destroyers for Undisclosed Price

India restricts import of laptop, computers to push local manufacturing

EU warns that Russia aims to create new dependencies with cheap grain

Insight: Rising domestic violence is a hidden front in Ukraine’s war

SINKEX: Indonesian Frigate Sunk By Missiles And Bombs

Pakistan Launches 4th PN MILGEM Corvette PNS TARIQ (283)

HII Awarded 6 Destroyers In US Navy Multi-Year Contract

Royal Navy LPD capability gapped as HMS Albion bows out before HMS Bulwark is available

Russia launches live-fire Baltic naval drills on Europe’s doorstep

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard drill on disputed Persian Gulf islands

The Right Way for America and China to Cooperate on Climate

American National Security Has an Economic Blindspot

Aid to Wealthy Israel Has Reached Its Expiration Date