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05-04 News


05-04 News

–🇬🇧Biden’s inaction on Gaza puts US troops at risk

–🇬🇧How will Europe respond to Israeli strike on Iran’s consulate in Syria?

–🇬🇧Danish Frigate Cuts Red Sea Mission Short After Technical Issues

–🇬🇧Houthis may be running low on weapons stocks

–🇬🇧Navy destroyer Gravely takes out Houthi drones, missile in the Red Sea

–🇬🇧On 75th Anniversary, NATO is at a serious crossroads

–🇬🇧As Nato turns 75, what’s next for the alliance?

–🇬🇧Fostering a ‘Will to Fight’ Has to be NATO’s Next Priority

–🇬🇧How will Biden and Trump tackle trade with China?

–🇬🇧The U.S.-Japan Alliance in 2024: Toward an Integrated Alliance

–🇬🇧Echoes of Strategy: The Russian Gambit in Ukraine

–🇬🇧Geopolitical Magnitude of the New Start Treaty in the Wake of the World Order Turbulence

–🇬🇧The submarine workforce crisis

–🇬🇧The Age of the Submarine: Over By 2050?

–🇬🇧Denmark fires chief of defense, runs into more naval issues

–🇬🇧Epirus directed energy to face off against vessels in US Navy testing

–🇬🇧Timeline of Chinese Harassment of Second Thomas Shoal Resupply Missions

–🇬🇧Report to Congress on U.S. Navy Destroyer Programs

–🇬🇧10 reasons to be optimistic about the strength of the Royal Navy