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06-02 News


06-02 News

–🇬🇧2024 Global Forecast: Conflict Zones

–🇬🇧After a spate of warnings, Israel went down the 9/11 path anyway

–🇬🇧The Counterinsurgency Trap in Gaza

–🇬🇧US Intends Further Strikes On Iran-Backed Groups

–🇬🇧Can China Protect its Nationals in the Middle East?

–🇬🇧Pakistan: An Old Man in a Hurry with a Score to Settle

–🇬🇧Vladimir Putin Has a New Problem: Protests in Russia’s Red Square

–🇬🇧Russia Tomorrow: Five scenarios for Russia’s future

–🇬🇧Pass Ukraine aid, but make it  conditional on ending the war

–🇬🇧Ukraine Farm Exports From Odesa Seaports 14.3M Tons Since August

–🇬🇧Russia’s Adaptation Advantage

–🇬🇧Europe’s Marines in the future European Littoral Operating Environment

–🇬🇧The China challenge

–🇬🇧The U.S. Navy Has Missile Drama

–🇬🇧Booming Economy? Joe Biden Could Soon Face a Banking Crisis

–🇬🇧Transatlantic Divergence of Economic Outlooks 

–🇬🇧Winning the economic and tech race

–🇬🇧German Navy Chief Talks Indo-Pacific Deployment, Round The World-Sail