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06-06-2023 News


06-06-2023 News

–🇬🇧Passengers Evacuated After Fire on Expedition Cruise Ship in Alaska

–🇬🇧Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and WinGD Partner for Ammonia-Fueled Engines

–🇬🇧UN-Led Effort to Draft Plastics Treaty to Address Ocean/Land Pollution

–🇬🇧Challenges ahead for US efforts to quell South Korea’s nuclear ambitions

–🇬🇧Support for Refugees Erodes in the Middle East

–🇬🇧Europe Wants Cleaner Gas. Can the United States Provide It?

–🇬🇧America Is Winning Against China in Oceania

–🇬🇧Russia says U.S.-built F-16s could ‘accommodate’ nuclear weapons if sent to Ukraine

–🇬🇧Why dangerous encounters by US and Chinese militaries look set to continue

–🇬🇧BlackRock’s China head Tang leaving the company

–🇬🇧Rafael’s C- Dome Achieves FOC On Sa’ar 6-Class Corvettes

–🇬🇧BALTOPS 2023 Exercise Kicks Off In The Baltic Sea

–🇬🇧Ukraine’s New FPB 98 MKI Boats Pass Istanbul Strait Onboard Cargo Vessel

–🇬🇧Cyber plays both sides of the spectrum with both offensive bullets and defensive shields

–🇬🇧US Navy says Iran boats ‘harassed’ ship in Strait of Hormuz

–🇬🇧Commanding officer of destroyer Stout relieved for ‘loss of confidence

–🇬🇧Britain, Germany give update on future Indo-Pacific naval deployments

–🇬🇧Running Ahead of the Rust: The Dangers of Extending Warship Service Lives

–🇬🇧Henry Kissinger’s Latest Intellectual Conquest: Artificial Intelligence