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06-06 News


06-06 News

–🇬🇧Ever the Day After: Egypt, Israel and Gaza

–🇬🇧Ukraine Forced to Fight With One Hand Tied Behind Back

–🇬🇧Droning Russia’s nuke radars is the dumbest thing Ukraine can do

–🇬🇧EU Strategic Communications to Support Sanctions Against Russia

–🇬🇧France Adapts to an Era of Strategic Competition With China

–🇬🇧How to Respond to China’s Tactics in the South China Sea

–🇬🇧Revenge of the Pensioners – On the Recent Local Elections in Turkey

–🇬🇧Japan’s multiculturalism fails to keep pace with rising migration

–🇬🇧General Dwight Eisenhower and the D-Day that Thankfully Never Was

–🇬🇧The Demon in America’s Sacred Narrative

–🇬🇧America’s leadership choice and its consequence for the global economic order

–🇬🇧Seas of Sustenance: Navigating ‘Blue Food’ for Indo-Pacific Food Security

–🇬🇧Italian Carrier Strike Group Starts Five-Month Deployment To The Indo-Pacific

–🇬🇧Italy Set To Increase Submarine Force, Develop New U212 NFS EVO

–🇬🇧NATO to Kick Off Largest Baltic Operations Exercise to Date

–🇬🇧South Korea, Japan, And The United States To Hold ‘Freedom Edge’ Joint Multi-Domain Exercise

–🇬🇧National resilience is a crucial part of defense. Here are the countries doing it right

–🇬🇧Use the Defense Production Act to Jump-start Navy Munitions Production​

–🇬🇧ANZUS and the fabric of peace in the Pacific