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07-04-2023 News


07-04-2023 News

Indicted Shipbuilder Suspended from Fincantieri Shipyard

China intensifies nuclear strike threat in South China Sea

Today’s management-speak has a lot in common with 1930s Soviet propaganda—and it’s making people miserable

Turkish Defence Agency Signs Contract With STM & TAIS Partnership For 3 I-Class Frigates

Cyber Threats to Canada’s Defence Infrastructure

Macron seeks China’s help on Ukraine, Xi ‘willing’ to call Zelenskiy

Top Iranian, Saudi envoys meet in China in restoration of diplomatic ties

Ukrainian forces cling onto besieged city, China pressed to help end war

The U.S. Joint Chiefs New Strategy Paper on Joint Concept for Competing

The Rise and Fall of the BRI

Analysts See Continued Profit Declines for Shipping in 2023