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07-12-2023 News


07-12-2023 News

–🇬🇧The Renewed Fighting in Gaza (podcast)

–🇬🇧Why Hamas Attacked When It Did

–🇬🇧Israel’s Failed Bombing Campaign in Gaza

–🇬🇧Biden team wary of retaliating against Houthi attacks at sea

–🇬🇧US officials frustrated by Biden administration’s response to attacks in Red Sea

–🇬🇧Israel Shipyards Launches First Shaldag Mk V Vessel For Israeli Navy

–🇬🇧The American Way of Economic War

–🇬🇧The Return of the Global South

–🇬🇧The dismal state of global affairs

–🇬🇧Scholz, Lula push for EU-Mercosur trade deal amid tensions

–🇬🇧How far will Maduro push Guyana?

–🇬🇧Can Gen. AI do strategy?

–🇬🇧Sellafield nuclear site has leak that could pose risk to public

–🇬🇧COP28 Can Deliver Progress on Climate Change, but Will It?

–🇬🇧Ukrainian leaders head to the US as Kyiv prepares for winter fighting

–🇬🇧The ‘Ukraine Model’ for Intelligence Disclosure May Not be the New Normal

–🇬🇧Ukraine funding gets tied in knots

–🇬🇧The Nuclear Shadows of the Ukraine War as Seen Through a Chinese Lens

–🇬🇧Sen. Kelly to propose Legislation to strengthen Commercial Shipping​

–🇬🇧U.S. Urging Pacific Allies to Step Up Surveillance at Sea, Says Official

–🇬🇧Marine Large-Scale Exercise Expands on Naval Integration, Live-Virtual Training

–🇬🇧Report to Congress on Army Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon

–🇬🇧NATO Selects ELWAVE For Undersea Sensing And Surveillance Test

–🇬🇧Air Force, Navy ground V-22 fleet days after fatal crash off Japan