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08-06 News


08-06 News

–🇬🇧Houthis Claim to Attack Ships at Israel’s Haifa Port

–🇬🇧Iran steps away from deniability in arming the Houthis

–🇬🇧Russian Submarine Hit By Missiles Now In New Hiding Place In Sevastopol

–🇬🇧What Does America Want in Ukraine?

–🇬🇧US announces first batch of Ukraine aid since pivot on Russia strikes

–🇬🇧Coming to terms with the loss of Turkey

–🇬🇧It’s Time for America and Turkey to Reconcile

–🇬🇧Confronting Another Axis? History, Humility, and Wishful Thinking

–🇬🇧Water and Global Cities: Turning Risks into Opportunities

–🇬🇧Russia Predicts Record Cargo Volume on Arctic Route, Aims for Year-Round Container Shipping

–🇬🇧Harland and Wolff – the revival of a British shipbuilder

–🇬🇧Navantia Ahead Of Plan On F-110 Frigate Build

–🇬🇧European Commission Selects Naval Group Belgium To Lead E=MCM Project

–🇬🇧Estimating China’s Defense Spending: How to Get It Wrong (and Right)

–🇬🇧Polish Navy Taps Rolls-Royce MTU For Miecznik Frigates’ Propulsion Systems

–🇬🇧A concept of operations for the US Navy’s hybrid fleet

–🇬🇧The 50 year dilemma in aircraft carrier design and the future of american Naval Aviation

–🇬🇧Navy Relieves Commander of Amphibious Warship USS Somerset

–🇬🇧GAO Report on Drones in U.S. National Air Space

–🇬🇧Report to Congress on Nuclear-Armed Sea-Launched Cruise Missile

–🇬🇧The Navy’s New Constellation-Class Frigate is a Total Disaster

–🇬🇧Navy Admiral’s bribery charges expose greater rot in the system

–🇬🇧Australia fast-tracks its hunt for replacement frigates