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08-07-2023 News


08-07-2023 News

–🇬🇧Damen Naval Contracts RH Marine for Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates

–🇬🇧What Is NATO?

–🇬🇧The Energy Imperative for Southern Mexico

–🇬🇧“Repel, Don’t Expel”

–🇬🇧Understanding China’s Gallium Sanctions

–🇬🇧The Push for U.S.-EU Convergence on Economic Security Policy

–🇬🇧Enhancing U.S.-Japan Alliance Command and Control Relationships

–🇬🇧Marine Force Design: Changes Overdue Despite Critics’ Claims

–🇬🇧How capable is today’s Marine Corps to answer a 9-1-1 call? Not very

–🇬🇧Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

–🇬🇧Navy stops Iran from seizing 2 commercial ships

–🇬🇧HHI Completes Concept Design Of ROK Navy’s Next-Generation OPV

–🇬🇧Russia Cancels Its Own LCS Program: Project 20386 Corvettes

–🇬🇧Israeli Navy Reveals Reshef Corvette Plans

–🇬🇧French Navy Submarine ‘Perle’ Is Operational Again

–🇬🇧Fincantieri Goes Unmanned With SAND USV

–🇬🇧‘Eating Their Young’: The Fratricidal Throes of a Sudanese Kleptocracy

–🇬🇧Ukraine–NATO Relations: Closer Partnership or Membership?

–🇬🇧Don’t Let Ukraine Join NATO

–🇬🇧How America Can Win Over the Global South

–🇬🇧Putin’s Real Security Crisis

–🇬🇧Taiwan, Gun Violence, Fishing in the Arctic: RAND Weekly Recap

–🇬🇧Will Russia Break Up Again?

–🇬🇧Turkmenistan Could Be Essential to the West’s Future

–🇬🇧Clashes in North Lebanon Raise Fears of Sectarian Violence