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08-08-2023 News


08-08-2023 News

–🇬🇧Ukraine’s Threat to Russian Black Sea Shipping Could Raise Rates

–🇬🇧China Asks Philippines to Abandon Second Thomas Shoal

–🇬🇧It’s Just One Thing after Another

–🇬🇧Exclusive: India bars makers of military drones from using Chinese parts

–🇬🇧China repeats call for Philippines to remove grounded warship

–🇬🇧China’s trade slumps, threatening recovery prospects

–🇬🇧Factbox: Key facts about the BRICS 2023 summit

–🇬🇧US Navy Reverses Course On San Antonio-Class Flight II Ship Buys

–🇬🇧U.S. Navy Awards DDG 51 FY23-27 Multiyear Procurement Contracts

–🇬🇧SK Oceanplant Cuts Steel For 2nd FFX Batch-III Frigate

–🇬🇧Ukraine war sees uncrewed surface vessels mature into a serious threat

–🇬🇧Why a US Navy admiral says China won’t pick up the military hotline

–🇬🇧Mini SEAL sub reaches initial operating capability

–🇬🇧More Marines, sailors operating in Red Sea amid tensions with Iran

–🇬🇧US Navy ships shadowed Russian-Chinese flotilla off Alaskan islands

–🇬🇧How Adm. Paparo will lead the U.S. military in the Indo-Pacific

–🇬🇧Can War Funders and Profiteers Be Responsible for Crimes in Ukraine?

–🇬🇧Putin’s Age of Chaos

–🇬🇧Order After Empire

–🇬🇧An Enduring Coalition to Protect Ukraine

–🇬🇧The Russo-Ukrainian War Has Bolstered Ukraine’s Nonstate Alliance Network

–🇬🇧It is Niger’s food crisis that requires international intervention

–🇬🇧After Azerbaijan, will Pakistan also join Turkey’s 5th generation fighter program?

–🇬🇧New Report Calls for Rethinking Undersea Warfare with Emphasis on Uncrewed Systems

–🇬🇧Report to Congress on Advances in Artificial Intelligence

–🇬🇧Unpacking the Proposed H2Hubs Demand-Side Support Mechanism