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09-01 News


09-01 News

–🇬🇧The Middle East in 2024

–🇬🇧Royal Navy deploys HMS Richmond to bolster UK naval presence in the Gulf region

–🇬🇧USS Laboon shoots down Red Sea air drone in ‘self-defense’

–🇬🇧How Iranian tech empowers Houthi drone, missile attacks in the Red Sea

–🇬🇧How Houthi Attacks in the Red Sea Threaten Global Shipping

–🇬🇧Houthi Attacks and Military Escalation in the Red Sea

–🇬🇧Red Sea crisis – beware of political drift over diversions

–🇬🇧12 Nations Threaten to Hold Houthis Accountable for Red Sea Attacks

–🇬🇧Blinken Warns Houthis of Consequences for Red Sea Attacks

–🇬🇧Allied Warships Trickle Into Red Sea Coalition

–🇬🇧India Providing Escort for Ships Around the Red Sea

–🇬🇧China’s Game in Gaza

–🇬🇧The South China Sea Is Warming Up

–🇬🇧Navy to seek industry help on countering ‘cross-domain’ drone attacks

–🇬🇧War, Weather Put Ocean Shippers on Notice for Rough Seas in 2024

–🇬🇧Taiwan’s 2024 Presidential Election

–🇬🇧Putin’s Unsustainable Spending Spree

–🇬🇧Russian Neo-Imperialist Assertions Spark Pushback in Uzbekistan

–🇬🇧RDML Wilson marks on sharpening the surface force

–🇬🇧The Future of the Surface Navy​

–🇬🇧Marines in Japan Lead U.S. Military Changes in the Indo-Pacific

–🇬🇧BAE Systems To Provide Critical Mk 45 Naval Gun Systems Upgrade To Australian Navy Frigates

–🇬🇧China Builds a Mockup of Carrier USS Ford in the Desert

–🇬🇧India as an Emerging Energy Supplier to the EU

–🇬🇧The Overseas Expansion of Chinese Technology Companies