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09-02 News


09-02 News

–🇬🇧How to End America’s Hypocrisy on Gaza

–🇬🇧Has Diplomacy Run Its Course in the Israel-Hamas War?

–🇬🇧Italy’s Contribution To The Nascent EU Operation Aspides

–🇬🇧The ICJ Israel Ruling: Politics by Legal Means?

–🇬🇧HMS Richmond Takes Over for HMS Diamond in Red Sea’s Operation Prosperity Guardian

–🇬🇧German air defense frigate Hessen deploys to the Red Sea

–🇬🇧Panama Canal Expected to Maintain Current Transit Levels Through Dry Season

–🇬🇧After 10 Years of War, Ukraine Still Stands. But for How Much Longer?

–🇬🇧Ukraine’s Victory at Sea

–🇬🇧French underwater drone swarm maker bids to reshape maritime surveillance missions

–🇬🇧Saudi Arabia: Silencing critics and Congress

–🇬🇧Report to Congress on Navy Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense

–🇬🇧Pentagon tech hub hires Anduril to get large underwater drone to Navy

–🇬🇧DIU picks 3 companies to prototype large undersea drones for Navy

–🇬🇧CATOBAR vs. STOBAR: Which Aircraft Carrier Is Better?

–🇬🇧Asian defence spending ambitions outstrip growth

–🇬🇧China’s ‘Three Warfares’ Strategy in Action: Implications for the Sino-India Boundary, the Arctic, and Antarctica

–🇬🇧Yes, China pressured Iran on Red Sea attacks – but only to protect its own ships

–🇬🇧Is the US-China relationship the most consequential relationship for America in the world?

–🇬🇧Congressman Makes Urgent Call for U.S. Sealift Capacity Expansion to Counter China

–🇬🇧Austal USA Completes Acceptance Trials On Future USS Kingsville (LCS 36)

–🇬🇧US Navy’s Future LPD Spotted With New Rotating SPY-6 Radar

–🇬🇧MQ-9B: Taking on the world’s toughest RPA missions from reconnaissance to rescue

–🇬🇧US Navy Destroyer Set To Call In Japan’s Ishigaki Island

–🇬🇧Fired CO of USS Howard got in hot water after ‘unprofessional’ remarks

–🇬🇧5 Marines killed in helicopter crash near San Diego

–🇬🇧Is Anyone Still Afraid of the United States?

–🇬🇧The Good and the Bad for Biden in Southeast Asia

–🇬🇧Carbon Warriors: Enhancing NATO’s Response to Climate Change