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09-04 News


09-04 News

–🇬🇧Houthis Back to Attacking Ships After Brief Pause

–🇬🇧An illegal war with Houthis isn’t stopping the Red Sea crisis

–🇬🇧The bipartisan consensus in favor of Israel is broken

–🇬🇧Congress needs answers before sending more aid to Ukraine

–🇬🇧From Moscow to the West: Armenia in a security trap

–🇬🇧Azerbaijan’s Pivot to Central Asia

–🇬🇧Ethiopia Back on the Brink

–🇬🇧The Case for an African Union UN Security Council Seat

–🇬🇧USS America Wraps Drills with JMSDF, Russia Flies Bombers Near Japan

–🇬🇧Divers Central to Key Bridge Salvage

–🇬🇧US doesn’t want to make Arctic contested battlespace

–🇬🇧Great power competition will drive irregular conflicts

–🇬🇧Into the Breach: Countering Chinese Digital Espionage in Routers

–🇬🇧Navy, Marines launching study to improve readiness of amphibious fleet

–🇬🇧Saildrone, Thales collaborating on sub-sensing unmanned surface vessel

–🇬🇧Sea Drone Found In Black Sea Is American Boat With Massive Soviet Warhead

–🇬🇧Change Of Watch For Swedish AGI Spy Ships In The Baltic Sea

–🇬🇧Japan Completes First Stage Of JS Kaga Modification To Operate F-35B