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09-05 News


09-05 News

–🇬🇧Escalation beneath the waves: the looming threat of Houthi UUVs in the Red Sea

–🇬🇧The coming of age of directed energy weapons and the Red Sea crisis

–🇬🇧Few Options for Gazans as Israel Enters Rafa

–🇬🇧US Completes Pier to Deliver Aid for Gaza

–🇬🇧What Went Wrong in Yemen

–🇬🇧Xi’s visit exposes fault lines in European unity

–🇬🇧Why Russia and China Won’t Go the Distance in the High North

–🇬🇧U.S. Operational Retreat from Antarctica

–🇬🇧“Squad” goals: Consolidating the new quadrilateral partnership

–🇬🇧East Asia’s Coming Population Collapse

–🇬🇧Azerbaijan Continues to Strengthen Ties With Central Asia

–🇬🇧Shifting Geopolitics Threaten to Shelve China–Kyrgyzstan–Uzbekistan Railway Project

–🇬🇧Conflict Heating Up Over Cosco’s Megaport in Peru

–🇬🇧Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Frequently Asked Questions

–🇬🇧German Atomwaffen and the Superweapon Trap

–🇬🇧Submarine modernisation plans and new sub-surface dynamics

–🇬🇧Philippines Fires First Anti-Ship Missile in South China Sea Strike Test with U.S. and Australian Forces

–🇬🇧Destroyer USS Halsey Sails Through Taiwan Strait

–🇬🇧India’s Big Navy Nightmare: Buying an Old Aircraft Carrier From Russia

–🇬🇧The Age of Big Powerhouse U.S. Navy Warships Is All Over Now

–🇬🇧Why Doesn’t the Navy Build New Battleships? Let the Debate Begin

–🇬🇧Does China Now Have the World’s Most Powerful Navy?

–🇬🇧SEALs want loitering munitions aboard insert/extract patrol boats