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09-08-2023 News


09-08-2023 News

–🇬🇧Traffic Slows at Ukraine’s Danube Ports After Russian Drone Strikes

–🇬🇧US Should Look South, Not Far East, on Trade Pacts

–🇬🇧Evaluating Mozambique’s Security, Humanitarian, and Funding Landscape

–🇬🇧The Role of Fossil Fuels in the Pursuit of Decarbonization

–🇬🇧China, Philippines’ dispute over grounded warship heats up

–🇬🇧Oil prices slip as bearish China data fuels demand concerns

–🇬🇧India Launches Hunt For New MCM Vessels

–🇬🇧NAVSEA Updates On USS Connecticut (SSN 22) Submarine Repairs

–🇬🇧US sailor’s mom encouraged him to pass info to China, prosecutors say

–🇬🇧Coast Guard rescues three fishermen from Atlantic waters

–🇬🇧The Ukraine War Has Found the Machinery of Western Governments Wanting

–🇬🇧Artificial Intelligence for the Poor

–🇬🇧The Border Crisis That Wasn’t

–🇬🇧Digital Storm? The Modest Impact of Cyberwarfare

Wonderful photo by Merche Llobera, one of the winners of the Nature inFocus award.

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