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09-09-2023 News


09-09-2023 News

Sinking of the Roma (09-09-1943) in a painting by Rodolfo Claudus

–🇬🇧G20: Welcome to the “Global” South?

–🇬🇧Leaders gathered at the G20 summit in India will struggle to reach a consensus as politics and war trump climate change and economics

–🇬🇧Airmen Out-Paced

–🇬🇧Powerful earthquake in Morocco kills 632 people 

–🇬🇧Russia protests to Armenia as tensions rise over disputed Caucasus region

–🇬🇧Boats, helicopters rescue hundreds after storm in Greece

–🇬🇧Why is North Korea growing its navy with submarines and nuclear drones?

–🇬🇧U.S. troop presence in Niger could drop by half as Pentagon repositions forces

–🇬🇧Video: Royal Navy Tests Cargo UAS Aboard Aircraft Carrier

–🇬🇧North Korea’s New Submarine Carries 10 Nuclear Missiles 

–🇬🇧At the deckplates, in the field during a global Navy exercise

–🇬🇧Saab unveils new naval operator workspace concept and camouflage system

–🇬🇧Stretching the Joint Expeditionary Force: An Idea for Our Times

–🇬🇧The unreality of American realism