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11-04 News


11-04 News

–🇬🇧USNI News Timeline: Conflict in the Red Sea

–🇬🇧Could the maritime corridor become Gaza’s lifeline?

–🇬🇧Navy destroyer Mason shoots Houthi missile ‘likely’ headed for US ship

–🇬🇧Iran Says It Can Close Strait of Hormuz

–🇬🇧Minilateralism in East Asia, Here It Comes Again

–🇬🇧Two-theater tragedy: a reluctant Europe cannot easily escape a sino-american war over Taiwan

–🇬🇧The losing battle against Greece’s tumbling birthrate

–🇬🇧Somali Piracy Resurgence Poses Increasing Threat To Maritime Security

–🇬🇧The Federal Reserve Has A Big Choice To Make

–🇬🇧Protectionism, Competition, and Elections: Navigating a New Era of U.S. Climate Leadership

–🇬🇧Italian government halts plan to buy Israeli undersea drones

–🇬🇧The UK Littoral Response Group (South) arrives in the Indo-Pacific

–🇬🇧Japan: The Next Aircraft Carrier Superpower?

–🇬🇧US Navy seeks to mirror weapons supplier funding for ship, sub vendors

–🇬🇧Information warfare becoming a critical submarine capability

–🇬🇧Del Toro dubs robotics specialists next step in ‘truly hybrid’ fleet