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11-10 News


11-10 News

–🇬🇧The crucial role of public/private partnerships in the Red Sea crisis

–🇬🇧Mid-afternoon map: pick your Palestine Monopoly

–🇬🇧How Iran Seeks to Exploit the Gaza War in Syria’s Volatile East

–🇬🇧The “Muslim factor”, the impact of the Israel-Hamas War on the US presidential elections

–🇬🇧German Navy Wraps Red Sea Mission, Begins Indo-Pacific Deployment

–🇬🇧China-Russia-Iran Joint Naval Exercise in the Gulf of Oman: What Is Its Impact?

–🇬🇧All war end. But how will the one in Ukraine?

–🇬🇧Ukraine gets the green light for strikes in Russia

–🇬🇧Two New Ships For The Russian Black Sea Fleet

–🇬🇧A plan to revitalize the arsenal of democracy

–🇬🇧Fincantieri Acquires Leonardo’s ‘Underwater Armaments Systems’ Business

–🇬🇧PLAN Warships Sail Around Japanese Islands; Japan, U.S., Australia Sign Information Warfare Memo

–🇬🇧The Navy’s DDG(X) Destroyer Has One Clear Mission

–🇬🇧Diminishing strength of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary undermines the Royal Navy’s global reach

–🇬🇧Navy ship ran aground when officer went to dinner, investigation finds

–🇬🇧Navy offering big bucks to keep aviation officers in uniform