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13-11-2023 News


13-11-2023 News

–🇬🇧Unpacking the IPEF: Biden’s Indo-Pacific Trade Play

–🇬🇧US conducts airstrikes against Iran-backed groups in Syria

–🇬🇧Ukraine Blows Russian LCUs With Kamikaze USV

–🇬🇧The Chile–UK Relationship and Its Implications for Naval Alliances

–🇬🇧Will the Chinese Economy Surpass the U.S. Economy?

–🇬🇧How America Can Capitalize on China’s Economic Slowdown

–🇬🇧After Search, US Confirms Five Soldiers Dead in Heli Crash off Cyprus

–🇬🇧20 Countries Agree to Restrict Bottom Fishing in Western Med

–🇬🇧Water Cannons and “Boxing”: Chinese Flotilla Tries to Block Convoy

–🇬🇧France to Build Ice-Class Research Vessel

–🇬🇧First Flight For Australian MQ-4C Triton

–🇬🇧BAE touts upgunned missile tubes for $45B AUD Hunter ASW fleet

–🇬🇧Think You Know the Navy SEALs? Here’s 3 Things You Have Wrong

–🇬🇧Royal Navy remembrance 2023. We will remember them