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14-08-2023 News


14-08-2023 News

–🇬🇧Private Military Contractors, Tibet’s Prisons, Truth Decay: RAND Weekly Recap

–🇬🇧The State of the War in Ukraine

–🇬🇧How the Ukraine Counteroffensive Can Still Succeed

–🇬🇧Russian warship fires warning shots at cargo ship in Black Sea

–🇬🇧Russia to equip new nuclear submarines with hypersonic missiles

–🇬🇧Ukraine forces seek to pierce Russian lines in south, Russia-installed official

–🇬🇧Philippines and Vietnam Plan Cooperation Agreement on S. China Sea

–🇬🇧Iran, Russia and the Syrian Regime are coordinating to expel US Forces from Syria

–🇬🇧Argentine far-right outsider Javier Milei posts shock win in primary election

–🇬🇧Britain warns of possible terrorist attacks in Sweden

–🇬🇧It’s Time to Modernize America’s Nuclear Power Policy

–🇬🇧200 Years After Darwin, Tall Ship Recreates HMS Beagle’s Famed Voyage

–🇬🇧Oil down 1% on strong dollar, China economy worries

–🇬🇧India Proceeds With New Submarines, Surface Ships Development

–🇬🇧French Navy Receives 2nd Barracuda Type Submarine