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15-05 News


15-05 News

–🇬🇧War on Gaza: Is Egypt building a militia force to handle Rafah influx?

–🇬🇧Putin Names Economist as Defense Minister in Surprise Reshuffle

–🇬🇧Shoigu’s Removal and the Instability of Putin’s Regime

–🇬🇧File not found: Russia is hacking evidence of its war crimes

–🇬🇧Playing the long game with Putin

–🇬🇧The US spent so much time fighting insurgents that it forgot ‘what it means to actually fight a war,’ a US vet in Ukraine says

–🇬🇧Georgia protests: Riot police face off against foreign influence bill demonstrators

–🇬🇧Georgia: Why the West needs to stay out of the protests

–🇬🇧Every arsenal needs its fans

–🇬🇧UK Navy to buy six vessels, enters new ‘golden age’ of shipbuilding

–🇬🇧House panel takes aim at Navy size, new capabilities in defense bill

–🇬🇧US Navy Removes First 155mm AGS From USS Zumwalt At Ingalls Shipbuilding

–🇬🇧Turkish USVs Debut In Large Naval Exercise

–🇬🇧Aircraft Carriers Underpin Royal Navy Plans To Use UAS To Help Build Maritime Mass