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18-04 News


18-04 News

–🇬🇧Seized Ship’s Cargo Reveals Impact of Iran Tensions on Global Trade

–🇬🇧A Brief History of Kill Lists, From Langley to Israel’s AI System Called “Lavender”

–🇬🇧Mario Draghi: Radical Change—Is What Is Needed

–🇬🇧The Case for Progressive Realism

–🇬🇧Ukraine is heading for defeat

–🇬🇧The conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

–🇬🇧What Are China’s Long-Term Antarctic Ambitions?

–🇬🇧Industrial policy for economic security

–🇬🇧Nusantara can unlock Indonesia’s maritime potential

–🇬🇧The rising Ransomware Tide, chinese spy cranes, and the Biden executive order on Maritime Cyber Security

–🇬🇧The F-35 fighter will now cost more than $2 trillion

–🇬🇧To expand the US Navy’s fleet, we must contract

–🇬🇧Japan Announces 7-Month, Dual Big Deck Deployment, USS Carl Vinson Heading to RIMPAC

–🇬🇧HD HHI Signs Contract For Local Construction Of Four Naval Vessels For The Peruvian Navy

–🇬🇧HD HHI Demonstrates Its Naval Shipbuilding Capabilities Through Technology, Flexibility, And Punctuality