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18-05 News


18-05 News

–🇬🇧Houthis Will Target All Ships Heading to Israel, Group Says

–🇬🇧The Red Sea attacks highlight the erosion of US leadership in the region

–🇬🇧House votes to punish Biden for pausing some bombs for Israel

–🇬🇧The time for Europe to step up is now

–🇬🇧The New Moral Resistance to Putin

–🇬🇧The Future of Georgia Following Divisive Foreign Agent Law

–🇬🇧What will Putin and Xi’s ‘new era’ of cooperation mean for the world?

–🇬🇧Logic of a forgotten American atrocity is alive today

–🇬🇧An analysis of pandemic-era inflation in 11 economies

–🇬🇧Keel Laying For The New Italian Navy Hydro-Oceanographic Ship

–🇬🇧France turns to AI for signals analysis in underwater acoustics war

–🇬🇧‘Tug Drone’: KOTUG Pilots Innovative Line Transfer Solution

–🇬🇧Rounding up a week of news following the Royal Navy’s Sea Power Conference

–🇬🇧Chinese Experimental Corvette Starts Sea Trials

–🇬🇧Three Questions: Congressional Guidance for a National Maritime Strategy