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18-07-2023 News


18-07-2023 News


–🇬🇧World War II’s Coral Sea and Midway Battles say the Modern U.S. Navy needs 

–🇬🇧China Has a Clear Middle East Strategy. Does America?

–🇬🇧How Do We Make Early Warning and Early Action for Food Security More Effective?

–🇬🇧In National Security, Autistic Employees Are in the Closet. Here’s Why

–🇬🇧Making Military Aid Work

–🇬🇧The Promise—and Pitfalls—of Researching Extremism Online

–🇬🇧Tell Russians Putin Has to Go

–🇬🇧The World Bank Is Failing on Climate Change

–🇬🇧Washington’s Indian Delusion

–🇬🇧Navy investigating grounding of cargo ship in Bahrain

–🇬🇧Russia blames Ukraine for attack on key Crimea military supply bridge

–🇬🇧Ukraine Attacks Sevastopol Naval Base And Kerch Bridge With Drones

–🇬🇧G20 meeting in India to end without communique as Ukraine war divides bloc

–🇬🇧Odesa port infrastructure damaged in Russian air strikes

–🇬🇧Saudi Arabia buys Turkish drones during Erdogan’s visit

–🇬🇧US nuclear missile submarine visits S.Korea as allies talk war planning

–🇬🇧Russian fighter jet flies close to U.S. warplane over Syria

–🇬🇧US sending jets, warship to Gulf to protect ships from Iranian seizure

–🇬🇧Doubling down on deterrence: US sends F-35s destroyer to Gulf after Iran-linked ‘alarming events

–🇬🇧Understanding the timeframe for the AUKUS submarine programme

–🇬🇧South Korea Completes Hyunmoo-V Ballistic Missile Development

–🇬🇧New Details On Poland’s Miecznik Class Frigates

–🇬🇧Faroese Whale Hunt Plays Out in Front of Shocked Cruise Tourists