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21-05 News


21-05 News

–🇬🇧Houthi rebels claim shooting down another US MQ-9 Reaper drone

–🇬🇧Raisi’s death throws a wrench into internal Iranian politics

–🇬🇧Revolution in Tehran happens only from within

–🇬🇧USNI News Timeline: Conflict in the Red Sea

–🇬🇧What exactly are we doing?

–🇬🇧Ukraine Destroys Russian Black Sea Minesweeper

–🇬🇧Biden’s Catch-22 in Ukraine

–🇬🇧A Theory of Victory for Ukraine

–🇬🇧How China Is Slowly ‘Conquering’ the South China Sea

–🇬🇧How Jimmy Carter Changed American Foreign Policy

–🇬🇧UAE buys patrol vessels from Edge Group, Fincantieri joint venture

–🇬🇧Analyzing The Strategic Importance Of Russia’s Reportedly Planned Afghan Oil Hub

–🇬🇧The Potential and Challenges of Desalination

–🇬🇧Iskander: The Russian Mobile Missile that NATO Hates

–🇬🇧France turns to AI for signals analysis in underwater acoustics war

–🇬🇧PAC-3 MSE launched from virtual Aegis ship hits cruise missile target

–🇬🇧Lockheed Martin Launches Patriot Missile From VLS In First-Ever Test

–🇬🇧By, with, and through at the second Thomas Shoal

–🇬🇧Proteus Provides Operating And Testing Platform For Royal Navy Seabed Warfare Capability

–🇬🇧Attack Submarines Dominate Record High $36.8 Australian Defense Budget

–🇬🇧Navy ‘Hell Hounds’ Squadron Crafting Missions for Small, Lethal Drone Fleet