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21-11-2023 News


21-11-2023 News

–🇬🇧USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Nov. 20, 2023

–🇬🇧The closer Israel gets to destroying Hamas, the more likely war with Hezbollah becomes

–🇬🇧The West Should Give Up the Battle of Narratives

–🇬🇧The Missing Israeli Endgame

–🇬🇧Human Rights Issues in Russia May Offer U.S. Leverage

–🇬🇧Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim Hate are Surging. Here’s How to Curb the Worst American Tradition

–🇬🇧Italian MoD’s Defence Planning Document 2023-2025: New Naval And Joint Programs

–🇬🇧Struggling, Not Crumbling: Russian Defence AI in a Time of War

–🇬🇧A Paradigm Shift in America’s Asia Policy

–🇬🇧China Aims to Corner the Undersea Mineral Market, Too

–🇬🇧Pipeline Spill Releases Up to 1.1 Million Gallons of Oil off Louisiana

–🇬🇧Royal Navy Nuclear-Missile Sub Accidentally Dove to “Danger Zone”

–🇬🇧Marcos: China is Moving Ever Closer to Philippine Shores

–🇬🇧Singapore Orders Four Fassmer Offshore Patrol Vessels

–🇬🇧US Military Says National Security Depends on Forever Chemicals

–🇬🇧Navy aircraft overshoots runway and goes into a bay in Hawaii

–🇬🇧Why does the U.S. Naval Academy have a goat as its mascot?

–🇬🇧Integrating Developments from Industry for Robust Acoustic Intelligence