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23-08-2023 News


23-08-2023 News

–🇬🇧Interview with Chairman of Surface Warships 2022

–🇬🇧Interview with NCI on the Space Domain

–🇬🇧John Boyd, Global Disorder and Embracing Uncertainty

–🇬🇧Philippine Coast Guard Bypasses Chinese Blockade in Spratly Islands

–🇬🇧Has the War in Ukraine Changed the Odds of a Cross-Strait Conflict?

–🇬🇧Blood and billions: the cost of Russia’s war in Ukraine

–🇬🇧US says it does not support Ukrainian strikes inside Russia

–🇬🇧One vessel in collision on Suez Canal refloats, ship traffic unaffected

–🇬🇧Russia may annex Georgian breakaway regions -Medvedev

–🇬🇧North Korea Reveals A New Cruise Missile-Armed Corvette

–🇬🇧USS Zumwalt Arrives in Mississippi for Hypersonic Weapon Installation

–🇬🇧Kyiv saboteurs were behind drone attacks on Russian air bases–report

–🇬🇧USS Howard sustained ‘soft grounding’ near Bali ahead of port visit

–🇬🇧The Missed Opportunity of Europe’s Energy Crisis