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23-09-2023 News


23-09-2023 News

–🇬🇧No, the World Is Not Multipolar

–🇬🇧Poland’s PM tells Ukraine’s Zelenskyy to ‘never insult’ Polish people again

–🇬🇧Escalation in Ukraine, a Trilateral Imperialist Threat, Disaster Recovery: RAND Weekly Recap

–🇬🇧Ukraine attacks Russian Black Sea navy HQ in Crimea

–🇬🇧Russian hackers seek war crimes evidence, Ukraine cyber chief says

–🇬🇧Biden agrees to send long-range missiles to Ukraine

–🇬🇧Why America Should Send Military Advisers to Ukraine

–🇬🇧HII Authenticates Keel Of America-Class LHA Fallujah

–🇬🇧Germany Successfully Completes Laser Weapon Testing At Sea

–🇬🇧South Africa’ Submarine SAS MANTHATISI Loses 3 Sailors In Accident

–🇬🇧Royal Navy nuclear deterrent submarines conducting increasingly long patrols

–🇬🇧SEALs operate in the Arctic during Polar Dagger

–🇬🇧Soldiers and Social Media in the Age of Connectivity Saturation

–🇬🇧Trends in Global Drug Use and Production

–🇬🇧2 Navy Ghost Fleet Unmanned Ships Now in the Western Pacific