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24-01 News


24-01 News

–🇬🇧U.S., U.K. Launch Major Strike Mission on Houthi Missile, Drone Infrastructure

–🇬🇧Lost at Sea: How 2 Elite Navy SEALs Disappeared into the Gulf of Aden

–🇬🇧Russia angles for drone-making partners in the Middle East

–🇬🇧Russian Military Thought and Doctrine Related to Non-strategic Nuclear Weapons

–🇬🇧The Sixth Fleet on the Front Lines, Then and Now​

–🇬🇧Australia and China have very different notions of stability

–🇬🇧New appointments in China’s PLA highlight the direction of Xi’s military reform

–🇬🇧Report to Congress on Navy Force Structure

–🇬🇧The U.S. Navy’s Skipjack-Class Submarines Were Built for One Mission

–🇬🇧The U.S. Navy’s Lafayette-Class Submarines Were Oozing with Firepower

–🇬🇧Zumwalt-Class Stealth Destroyer: Why the Navy Had to Cancel It

–🇬🇧The U.S. Navy Could Become A Laser Powerhouse

–🇬🇧Where the Space Force’s new ‘theory of success’ succeeds

–🇬🇧Japan Scrambled Fighters 555 Times in the Last 9 Months of 2023

–🇬🇧Taiwan begins building anti-submarine frigate

–🇬🇧Early steps in India’s use of AI for defence

–🇬🇧5 risks confronting the global economy in 2024