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24-05 News


24-05 News

–🇬🇧U.S. Concerned Houthi Weapons Can Reach the Mediterranean Sea

–🇬🇧Iran’s nuclear Threshold Challenge

–🇬🇧What is Next for the Iran-Israel Confrontation and the Region

–🇬🇧New evidence of Saudi gov’t role in 9/11 should halt security pact talk

–🇬🇧What’s next after assassination attempt in Slovakia

–🇬🇧New Russian Defense Minister’s Tasks Extend Beyond Ukraine

–🇬🇧Testing Assumptions about the War in Ukraine

–🇬🇧How to Win in Ukraine: Pour It On, and Don’t Worry About Escalation

–🇬🇧Cossacks Provide a Source of Strength for Ukraine

–🇬🇧The Russian Military Has Bigger Problems In Ukraine Than Lost Tanks

–🇬🇧Ukrainian Echoes From America’s War for Independence

–🇬🇧Georgia Stands at Crossroads Between Autocratic Russia and Democratic West

–🇬🇧The dynamics of the Russia-China partnership

–🇬🇧India Can’t Wish Away The Growing Russia-China Bonhomie

–🇬🇧Coming of age? European defence engagement in the Indo-Pacific

–🇬🇧The “Squad” is a welcome spin-off, but the Quad is the main game

–🇬🇧The Implementation of P/CVE in Conflicts: Lessons from STRIVE Afghanistan

–🇬🇧Fighting to farming: Pakistan military’s relentless quest for relevance

–🇬🇧How India can engage in Turkmenistan’s Energy Sector?

–🇬🇧Indo-US Defence Industrial Cooperation: Reaching for the Next Level or a Bridge Too Far?

–🇬🇧Carrier Cooperation: Expanding NATO’s Strength at Sea​

–🇬🇧OpenAI No Longer Takes Safety Seriously

–🇬🇧Navy Awards $1B Contract for 5th, 6th Constellation-class Frigates

–🇬🇧China Kicks Off 2 Days of Military Drills Near Taiwan, USS Ronald Reagan Sails in Philippine Sea

–🇬🇧5 Essential Books on Maritime Strategy You Need to Read

–🇬🇧Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading-Library