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25-11-2023 News


25-11-2023 News

–🇬🇧Israel comes under largest attack from Lebanon since start of Gaza war

–🇬🇧Water Diplomacy Woes in the Persian Gulf: Navigating Water Scarcity in the UAE and Iran

–🇬🇧Before taking power, Dutch hard-liner Wilders will have to compromise

–🇬🇧European Security Transformed

–🇬🇧Washington’s Looming Middle Eastern Quagmire

–🇬🇧Fighting in Disputed Kashmir Kills 5 Indian Soldiers and 2 Suspected Militants

–🇬🇧OpenAI ‘was working on advanced model so powerful it alarmed staff’

–🇬🇧Why COP28 Could Be the Most Contentious in Years

–🇬🇧Somali Pirates Nab Fishing Boat in Likely Illegal Fishing Dispute

–🇬🇧Chinese Submarine Is First To Exploit New Stealth Technology

–🇬🇧Turkish Navy Ada-Class Corvette Called In France For The First Time

–🇬🇧Norway And Germany To Develop New 3SM Supersonic Strike Missile

–🇬🇧Adding firepower to the Type 26 Frigate

–🇬🇧Marines Perfect Maritime Domain Awareness, Coastal Defense in Joint Philippines Exercise