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26-01 News


26-01 News

–🇬🇧Readout of Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Lisa Franchetti’s Meeting with Chief of Italian Navy Adm. Enrico Credendino

–🇬🇧The Myths That Warp How America Sees Russia—and Vice Versa

–🇬🇧No European security without Ukrainian victory

–🇬🇧What Is NATO?

–🇬🇧Trans-Atlantic Security in Baltic II: New Polish Government with Changes in the NATO Eastern Flank​

–🇬🇧Marine Corps’ new amphibious vehicles will soon deploy to the Pacific

–🇬🇧Why the War in Gaza Makes a Nuclear Iran More Likely

–🇬🇧Talks to begin on the future of U.S. troop presence in Iraq

–🇬🇧Armenia Plans to Use Iranian Ports to Reach India

–🇬🇧Taking robots and AI to war at sea

–🇬🇧Civil War in Myanmar

–🇬🇧Only Effective Space Governance Can Prevent Future Conflict

–🇬🇧North Korea Test Fires New Cruise Missile, China Denounces U.S. Taiwan Strait Transit

–🇬🇧Report to Congress on China-Philippines Tensions in the South China Sea

–🇬🇧Why a U.S. Recession in 2024 Could Still Happen

–🇬🇧New F-16 Fighters Could be Flying for Turkey

–🇬🇧Borei-K Class: This Might Be Russia’s Most Dangerous Submarine Ever

–🇬🇧US Navy Launches New Unmanned Task Group 59.1

–🇬🇧TKMS And Thales Cooperate In Hellenic Navy Frigate Modernization Program

–🇬🇧Light speed? Officials call for patience on laser weapons

–🇬🇧USS John Finn’s latest Taiwan Strait transit sparks Beijing’s ire