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26-05-2023 News


26-05-2023 News

Biden Asserts to Zelensky and the World That U.S. Will Back Ukraine ‘As Long As it Takes

Aker BP Makes “Significant” Oil Discovery in North Sea

The Plot Against Russia

The Cyber Safety Review Board Should Investigate Major Historical Incidents

Nigeria Security Tracker Weekly Update: May 13-19

Kissinger at One Hundred: The CFR Connection

Revitalizing Strategic Analysis for a New Era of Competition

Biden, McCarthy appear near two-year deal on US debt ceiling as default looms

Russia moves ahead with deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

Turkish Navy Launches The 2nd Reis-Class (Type 214TN) AIP Submarine

Stalking the Seabed: How Russia Targets Critical Undersea Infrastructure

Connecting the Joint Force as One

Who says water and electricity don’t mix for today’s navies, their radars, weapons and propulsion depends on it

Abu Dhabi Ship Building unveils new design for longest corvette

The end of King Dollar? The forces at play in de-dollarisation


Unified and integrated: how space force envisions the future of data-sharing for space operations

‘Logistics, Logistics, Logistics’ is Now Marines’ Top Focus, Says CMC Berger