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26-07-2023 News


26-07-2023 News

—🇬🇧UK Believes That Russia is Mining Approaches to Ukraine’s Black Sea Ports

–🇬🇧How Frozen Russian Assets Could Pay for Rebuilding in Ukraine

–🇬🇧Japan’s population falls while foreign residents rise to record

–🇬🇧One dead in cargo ship fire, electric car suspected source – Dutch coastguard

–🇬🇧US military aid for Ukraine for first time includes Black Hornet spy drone

–🇬🇧China replaces foreign minister Qin after mysterious absence

–🇬🇧US Navy Taps Lockheed Martin For LRASM Integration On F-35

–🇬🇧US Navy Sets Out Plan For HALO Hypersonic Missile EMD

–🇬🇧Integrated Review Refresh 2023: a pragmatic strategy for a maritime nation

–🇬🇧Gonna need a bigger boat: what the Navy does when whales go rogue

–🇬🇧She was the first woman to lead an aircraft carrier. Who is next?

–🇬🇧Navy, Marines set to launch second iteration of Large Scale Exercise

–🇬🇧How New Zealand is trying to expand military relations with its Pacific Island neighbors

–🇬🇧Coping with ‘tension’: Navy’s global exercise to pit commanders with joint force pressures

–🇬🇧(Re)assessing the near-term Chinese carrier threat in a Taiwan scenario

–🇬🇧Managing the Dilemma: Japan’s Nuclear Disarmament Agenda

–🇬🇧Why America Forgets—and China Remembers—the Korean War

–🇬🇧The Case for a Hard Break With China

–🇬🇧Israel-Lebanon Border Dispute: Warmer But Not Hot