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26-08-2023 News


26-08-2023 News

–🇬🇧The War in Ukraine, Income Share Agreements, the Tech ‘Cold War’: RAND Weekly Recap

–🇬🇧MJP Secures Additional Orders from Lungteh Shipyard for Missile Corvettes

–🇬🇧First Accommodation Barge Launched as U.S. Navy Addresses Shipyard Living

–🇬🇧U.S. Coast Guard Undertakes First Joint Ops with Papua New Guinea

–🇬🇧Panama Canal Restrictions Likely to Last for the Next Year

–🇬🇧A Wolf in Ship’s Clothing: Russia’s Militarization of Civilian Vessels in the Black Sea

–🇬🇧Six New BRICS: Implications for Energy Trade

–🇬🇧ECOWAS: In Need of Help in Niger?

–🇬🇧These Technologies Could Defeat China’s Missile Barrage and Defend Taiwan

–🇬🇧Niger junta expels French ambassador

–🇬🇧India’s HSL Inks Contract For Five Fleet Support Ships

–🇬🇧Wärtsilä Propulsion Solutions Selected For Brazilian Navy’s Polar Vessel

–🇬🇧The First Type 31 Frigate “HMS Venturer” Takes Shape

–🇬🇧German Naval Yards Applies To Build An “Ammunition Disposal Platform” With Partners

–🇬🇧AEROBOND Secures Sovereign Defence Manufacturing Contract For Naval Strike Missile Program

–🇬🇧‘Short-term stronger, long-term weaker’: U.S. and European officials analyze a post-Prigozhin Putin

–🇬🇧The F-35 accident report – a reality check for UK Carrier Strike

–🇬🇧How revisiting naval aviation’s lessons can (and cannot) inform military AI innovation

–🇬🇧Navy releases E-7 selection results

–🇬🇧Navy seeks to offer virtual training to more of the fleet

–🇬🇧Building Up the BRICS: An Emerging Counter-West Order

–🇬🇧Global Opinion Turns Against Beijing: A Failure of Soft Power?

–🇬🇧The Age of Climate Disaster Is Here

–🇬🇧What the World Risks if It Abandons Globalization

–🇬🇧Syria’s Regional Reintegration is Hitting a Roadblock