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27-09-2023 News


27-09-2023 News

–🇬🇧Report: China Holds the Key to Fixing Illegal Fishing in West Africa

–🇬🇧Inmarsat: Secrecy and Siloed Data Slow Down Progress on Maritime Safety

–🇬🇧Japan’s Major Shipping Companies Buy Stake in LH2 Carrier Project

–🇬🇧Canada-India Tensions Over Killing of Sikh Separatist: What to Know

–🇬🇧Chinese Politics since Hu Jintao and the Origin of Xi Jinping’s Strongman Rule: A New Hypothesis

–🇬🇧Landmines in Ukraine: Lessons for China and Taiwan

–🇬🇧Saab Announces Licensing Agreement For MBARI Long-Range AUV

–🇬🇧Royal IHC To Maintain Three Royal Netherlands Navy Vessels

–🇬🇧Japan’s MHI Launches 7th Mogami-Class Frigate For JMSDF

–🇬🇧Q-Ships: An Option the Royal Navy Cannot Afford to Ignore

–🇬🇧Iraq as It Is

–🇬🇧The New American Way of Trade

–🇬🇧CARICOM-BRICS Relations Are in the Spotlight. Here Are Some Takeaways

–🇬🇧The Incredible Shrinking (Or Dying) Russian Navy

–🇬🇧2 A-10 Warthogs Drill with U.S. Destroyer in Middle East Maritime Exercise

–🇬🇧Ballistic Missile Submarine USS Alabama CO Removed from Command

–🇬🇧Philippine, Canadian Navies Sail Together in the South China Sea 

–🇬🇧Countries keep buying the F-35. Can Lockheed keep up with production demands?

–🇬🇧In Argentina’s fighter competition, Washington and Beijing fight for regional influence

–🇬🇧US gives $2B loan to Poland to help buy US-made weapons