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28-09-2023 News


28-09-2023 News

–🇬🇧For World Maritime Day, UNCTAD Calls for an Equitable Transition

–🇬🇧Antarctic Winter Sea Ice Extent Hits Record Low

–🇬🇧Inmarsat Maritime Safety Report Shows Importance of Data & Collaboration

–🇬🇧The future of Maritime Safety 2023

–🇬🇧What Ukraine Needs to Win the War Against Russia

–🇬🇧‘Turning point’: Milley steps down as chair at a crucial moment for Ukraine

–🇬🇧Funding Ukraine’s Reconstruction: Who Will be Accountable for Integrity?

–🇬🇧North Korea and China Aren’t the Allies You Think They Are

–🇬🇧US backs Pacific undersea internet cable amid China competition

–🇬🇧The Quotable Milley: The chair’s most memorable lines from the past four years

–🇬🇧Royal Navy Demonstrates Experimental Vessel Patrick Blackett Capabilities At REPMUS

–🇬🇧T-600 Drone Deploys Sting Ray Lightweight Torpedo

–🇬🇧First Flight III Destroyer JACK H. LUCAS (DDG 125) Sails Away From HII Facilities

–🇬🇧Philippine Navy To Host Exercise SAMASAMA

–🇬🇧Taiwan to unveil first locally built sub

–🇬🇧Q-Ships: An Option the Royal Navy Cannot Afford to Ignore

–🇬🇧America Needs a Strategy in Somalia

–🇬🇧The Promise and Peril of EU Expansion

–🇬🇧To succeed against China, Washington and Its Allies must be in the South China Sea​

–🇬🇧Russia Seals Its Southern Border

–🇬🇧Powerful blast in Uzbek capital kills one, injures 162