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29-06-2023 News


29-06-2023 News

RINA Releases Ambitious Proposal for H2 Pipeline From Mideast to EU

NCIS: “Free Smartwatches” for Sailors Might be Covert Cyberattack

For Europe, Time to Plan for a Post-Putin Russia

French Destroyer Presence In South China Sea Shows France’ Support For Liberty Of Navigation

DRASS And SH Defence Join Forces For Submersible Warfare Solutions

Aster Demonstrates Unmatched Performance On NATO Trials

Investigation launched into Syria strike that may have killed civilian

Sexually harassed sailors and Marines will get more support resources

Research team studies threats to military bases from electric vehicles

Israel and Iran are Edging Closer to Direct Confrontation

There’s No Such Thing as a Great Power

The Wagner Group Will Live to Fight Another Day

Lebanon’s Presidential Troubles Have Reached the International Level, Again