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29-07-2023 News


29-07-2023 News

–🇬🇧Undercurrents of Italy’s Indo-Pacific Agenda​

–🇬🇧Canada Leads North Pacific Mission Against Illegal Fishing

–🇬🇧Cruise Ship with Russian Tourists Jeered by Georgian Protestors

–🇬🇧A Mediterranean Green Energy Hub

–🇬🇧A More Strategic German Foreign Policy?

–🇬🇧Foreign ships, aircraft in East and South China Seas escalating tensions

–🇬🇧New Zealand Frigate Arrives In Australia For Rare Missile Firing

–🇬🇧Saab Offers Four Expeditionary Submarines To The Netherlands

–🇬🇧Russia Fears Pro-Ukrainian Drone Attack On Major Navy Parade

–🇬🇧Japan’s MoD Unveils New Image Of ASEV

–🇬🇧Xi’s Security Obsession

–🇬🇧Engaging with Afghanistan Is in America’s Interests

–🇬🇧How Japan Can Power America’s China Strategy

–🇬🇧‘Zelenskyy is in a box’: Some experts say Ukraine won’t win the war

–🇬🇧How Does the War in Ukraine End?

–🇬🇧The War That Defied Expectations