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30-01 News


30-01 News

–🇬🇧Red Sea: Royal Navy Destroyer Repels Another Drone Attack

–🇬🇧Suicide Drone Attack Means Joe Biden Has a Tough Choice to Make on Iran

–🇬🇧Drone that killed US troops may have been mistaken for friendly

–🇬🇧Drone Strike Risks Dangerous U.S.-Iran Escalation

–🇬🇧What Will the United States Do after the Drone Strike in Jordan?

–🇬🇧What is Tower 22, the base in Jordan where 3 US troops were killed?

–🇬🇧Iran’s New Best Friends

–🇬🇧Danish air-defense frigate heads to Red Sea as trade is under threat

–🇬🇧Putin’s Grand Plan for Russia’s 2024 Elections

–🇬🇧How Russia Stopped Ukraine’s Momentum

–🇬🇧US weapons exports up 50 percent in 2023 as Washington challenges Russia, China

–🇬🇧North Korea Tests Submarine-Launched Cruise Missiles

–🇬🇧North Korea Tests Sub Launched Cruise Missile, Russian Warships Sail Near Japan

–🇬🇧China’s Demographics Crisis Could Mean No Superpower Status

–🇬🇧Greece Closer Than Ever To Procure LCS From The U.S.

–🇬🇧Greece Will Soon Have the F-35 Stealth Fighter

–🇬🇧Turkey Wants to Buy A Massive Fleet of F-16 Fighter Jets

–🇬🇧India’s Navy Has Arrived

–🇬🇧Loose Lips Do Not Sink Ships, Public Apathy Does