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30-06-2023 News


30-06-2023 News

–🇬🇧Multilateral reform: Foreign Secretary’s speech at Chatham House London Conference 2023

–🇬🇧Professor Maximo Mejia Becomes World Maritime University President

–🇬🇧Fire Prompts Evacuation of Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln

–🇬🇧Italian Navy Practices Pirate Attack Response with MSC Boxship

–🇬🇧Fincantieri Shipyards Celebrate Second-Year “Green” Certification

–🇬🇧Xi’s Schadenfreude Over Moscow’s Mutiny

–🇬🇧USAF B-52 Conducts Long Range Offensive Mine Warfare Test

–🇬🇧Thales To Equip The New Dutch And Belgian ASWF Frigates With Leading Edge Above Water Warfare System

–🇬🇧USS Nimitz concludes seven-month-long deployment to Indo-Pacific

–🇬🇧Nuclear sub visits Faroe Islands amid underwater tensions with Russia

–🇬🇧The High Price of Dollar Dominance

–🇬🇧The Enemy Below: Fighting against Russia’s Hybrid Underwater Warfare

–🇬🇧Is Russia Losing Its Grip on Central Asia?