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31-05-2023 News


31-05-2023 News

-🇬🇧-NATO soldiers injured in Kosovo clashes with Serb protesters

–🇬🇧Oil slides 4% on worries about US debt ceiling, OPEC+ talks

–🇬🇧EU, US to weigh China, AI, trade strains at high-level Sweden talks

–🇬🇧The Art of Tasseography: China–Russia Relations as Viewed from China

–🇬🇧Harbor security boat sinking probe reveals lax command leadership

–🇬🇧NATO intel chief: Russia’s war on Ukraine and a hybrid war aimed at us

–🇬🇧NATO to send 700 more troops to Kosovo to help quell violent protests

🇬🇧Wittman: why manned-unmanned teaming could be the Fourth Offset for America’s military

–🇬🇧US Navy Discloses 155mm Advanced Gun System’s Preliminary Fate

–🇬🇧Vard Unveils New ‘Vigilance’ OPV Design

–🇬🇧French Navy Chief Calls For European Navies To Increase Presence And Engagement In Key Waters

–🇬🇧Israeli Navy Conducts Complex C-Dome Test From Sa’ar 6 Corvette

–🇬🇧Russia accuses Washington of encouraging Ukraine in its attacks

–🇬🇧North Korean satellite plunges into sea after rocket failure

–🇬🇧Chinese jet carried out ‘aggressive’ maneuver near US military plane, Pentagon says

–🇬🇧Lula’s call for South American unity faces opposing views on Venezuela

–🇬🇧Russia, Ukraine fail to embrace IAEA plan to protect nuclear plant

–🇬🇧Latin America This Week: May 30, 2023

–🇬🇧What Does the U.S. National Guard Do?

–🇬🇧What does US National Guard do

–🇬🇧Nigeria’s Last General Departs the Political Stage

–🇬🇧The infrastructure competition of CHINA and JAPAN for influence in Southeast Asia

–🇬🇧ECO-TERRORISM: where has all the water gone?

–🇬🇧Ukraine war comes to Moscow as drones strike both capitals

–🇬🇧Tremendous amount of power: Army digital engineering strategy slated for FY24

–🇬🇧How not to innovate: Russia plays catch-up to Ukraine on drones

–🇬🇧South Korea hosts its first summit with Pacific island leaders