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31-07-2023 News


31-07-2023 News

–🇬🇧IT defense industry has adapted to post-covid supply chain but future challenges loom

–🇬🇧With ‘robust’ waiver, Kaine says “Buy America” requirements won’t hamstring Navy shipbuilding

–🇬🇧Saudi, UAE presence at Istanbul defense show signals tightening industry ties with Turkey

–🇬🇧Senate Passes NDAA Authorizing Navy to Buy 10 New Ships

–🇬🇧USS Bataan, USS Carter Hall in Mediterranean on Way to Middle East

–🇬🇧Beijing Is Going Places—and Building Naval Bases

–🇬🇧West Africa threatens force on Niger coup leaders, French embassy attacked

–🇬🇧Italy minister: joining China’s Belt and Road was ‘atrocious’ decision

–🇬🇧Russia’s Medvedev: We’d have to use a nuclear weapon if Ukrainian offensive was a success

–🇬🇧Suicide bomb at political rally in Pakistan kills more than 40

–🇬🇧EU ready to strengthen maritime security cooperation with the Philippines

–🇬🇧Ukraine to start talks with US on security guarantees

–🇬🇧Putin reviews show of Russian naval might

–🇬🇧US Navy Gets 10 New Ships In Senate’s FY24 NDAA

–🇬🇧China’s Fourth Type 075 LHD Taking Shape In Shanghai

–🇬🇧HMS Dauntless in Latin America

–🇬🇧US to announce $345 million military aid package for Taiwan

–🇬🇧The Dangers of Detachment

–🇬🇧The BBC and the Decline of British Soft Power

–🇬🇧The War in Ukraine—Whose Quagmire?