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Welcome to the CeSMar website

 CESMAR - Center for Geopolitical and Maritime Strategy Studies - is a non-profit, non-party, apolitical association that pursues civic, social, cultural, solidarity and training purposes in the naval and maritime fields. CeSMar was born on 10 February 2021 with the Atto Costitutivo referred to in the Repertoire N. 34465 Collection 11999 registered in Treviso on 16 February 2021 under No. 4778 - Series 1T.

CeSMar was created by the will of some scholars, formerly belonging to the Navy and the National Shipbuilding Industry, with the aim of deepening scientific and social research on naval, maritime, industrial and economic issues that have relevance to geopolitics, strategy, international politics and history in order to assist the Navy and the National Shipbuilding in their activities.

The association develops its activities in connection with various national and foreign bodies, promotes scientific knowledge of topics related to security, alliance policy, arms control, trade regulations for defense systems and components, human rights and conflict management and resolution.It carries out research reports and consultancy activities requested by institutions, non-governmental organizations, companies and freelancers, and in this context topics related to defense economics, production, trade and arms control, international security and traffic, areas of crisis, risk analysis, identification and prevention of threats, control of EEZs, anti-piracy, peacekeeping.It elaborates researches, articles, reviews, and publishes on its own in editorial series, specialized magazines and on the web, in its various forms.

It supports students, researchers and enthusiasts with access to databases, libraries and private collections.It proposes, and if necessary organizes, training courses for students and professors of all levels, scholars and professionals, proposing to various subjects to allocate resources for prizes and scholarships to young people on the subjects of their own pertinence. It organizes, promotes, and participates in a diversified series of educational and informative events, public or private, such as conventions, conferences, congresses, exhibitions, shows, meetings, events, rallies, ceremonies, film reviews.

The Club is aimed at all citizens, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinions and personal and social conditionsIn pursuing its objectives, the Governing Council, the decision-making body of the association, debates and plans the activities for the following year, decides on the media program and indicates the guidelines regarding the institutional relations. The Association carries out its activities by pursuing, in particular, the following objectives:


the Navy and national shipyard industry in the development of a strategic and geopolitical culture in the maritime field.


internal and external events to the Navy, collaborating with both national cultural associations and university bodies.


activities that are useful for the training of high school and university students in fields related to strategic maritime culture, international relations, naval history and geography.


a common view aimed to look at facts and cultural activities with a maritime perspective through discussions, events and the production of articles and working papers.


meeting, debate, information and training initiatives, through constant cultural updating (scientifically valid), aimed at improving the social inclusion and involvement of young high school and university students.


in any local, national and international event coherent with its own purposes


collaborative relationships with local entrepreneurs, with universities, think tanks, scientific magazines and other similar national and international institutes through bonds of friendship and professional ethics.


a forum for open discussions on strategic and geopolitical issues, avoiding party-related topics.


high school and university students and fans on strategic and geopolitical issues to meet with professionals and experts, organizing debates where they can support and develop their ideas, beliefs or research.

10. HELP

the development of attitudes, resources and research skills of young high school and university students and / or students of military academies / schools who wish to develop thesis on strategy and geopolitics, supporting their research activity and work organization

The fundamental principles of the Circolo "Fratelli Bonaldi" are:

The equality of the rights and duties of the members

Gender equality

The electivity of associative assignments