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15-11-2023 News


15-11-2023 News

–🇬🇧Virtual Media Briefing: International Law and the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

–🇬🇧How international law applies to war, and why Hamas and Israel are both alleged to have broken it

–🇬🇧Estonian PM Kaja Kallas open to being next NATO chief

–🇬🇧Drone attacks on US troops in Middle East rise to 55 in under a month

–🇬🇧What Russia’s Embrace of North Korea Means for America

–🇬🇧Cherish Allies While You Can: What Should the U.S. Do To Support the Incoming Polish Government?

–🇬🇧Biden Should Call China’s Bluff on Responsible AI to Safeguard the 2024 Elections

–🇬🇧Can Justice Bring Peace to Ethiopia?

–🇬🇧Red Lines and Red Crosses

–🇬🇧Our Naval Neighbor to the North: A Conversation with the 38th Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy Vice Admiral Angus Topshee​

–🇬🇧More sailors, Marines may now refuse nonjudicial punishments

–🇬🇧Russian Oil Exports Routinely Exceed G7 Price Cap

–🇬🇧Executive Officer of Brand-New Littoral Combat Ship Passes Away

–🇬🇧Naval Group Delivers First Gowind Corvette For The UAE Navy

–🇬🇧Hanwha Ocean Signed MOU With Four Canadian Firms For Patrol Submarine Project

–🇬🇧PIRIOU Delivers Second OPV To The Senegalese Navy

–🇬🇧Japan’s MHI Launches ‘Yubetsu’ 「ゆうべつ」Eigth FFM Mogami-Class Frigate For JMSDF

–🇬🇧In focus: CETUS the Royal Navy’s next XLUUV

–🇬🇧Proposed Australian export law meant to help AUKUS sharing, but experts are sounding alarms